The toll tag trick saving Qld motorists money

As reported by Seven News RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said although most motorists believed toll tag company go via was the only choice in Queensland, there were other options available to motorists which charged lower fees.

“Motorists need to know they’re not backed into a corner when it comes to toll tags and there is nothing stopping you from having a cross-border tag and using it on Queensland toll roads,” Ms Ritchie said.

“A prime cost-saving example is the direct debit dishonour fee charged by these companies. Sydney provider E-Way charges less than half of what go via charges for this, and you only have to pay the Melbourne-based EastLink what it’s charged by your bank.”

Ms Ritchie said a recent report from the Australian Automobile Association found Brisbane was the second most expensive capital city for tolls across the country.

“Queenslanders are getting slugged for motoring costs across the board so they should take advantage of any opportunity to compare and save money,” she said.

“With lower cost options available in Sydney and Melbourne, drivers should treat toll tag fees like any other bill and shop around for the lowest fees to find a deal that best suits.”

Toll tag direct debit dishonour fee comparison by company*:

Company Direct debit dishonour fee
go via – Queensland $2.50
E-Way – Sydney $1.00
EastLink – Melbourne Bank charge only (no margin)

*Information provided by Seven News.