Transparent public transport reporting a must: RACQ

The State’s peak motoring body has backed calls to make public transport performance reporting more accurate and transparent in a bid to improve unacceptable service levels for commuters.

The Courier Mail reported independent research by commuter group RAIL Back on Track found eight of twelve train lines failed to meet Queensland Rail’s punctuality peak-hour target in October.

The worrying statistic exposed the need for better reporting of the network’s reliability and contradicted statements from Transport Minister Mark Bailey that the rail system had stabilised.

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said the results were concerning and there was a risk the public would lose faith in public transport and turn to driving instead.

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“Convenient, reliable public transport is essential to reducing congestion because if public transport is unreliable people will abandon it for driving,” Dr Michael said.

“We already know the main reasons people don’t use public transport are poor timetabling, no service availability and too many transfers.

“Congestion’s a huge issue in Brisbane and with more and more people moving to the region, it will only get worse if we don’t have adequate public transport in place.”

Dr Michael said the research showed there was a need for the State Government to establish an Integrated Public Transport Authority to improve the delivery of all public transport services in Queensland.

“This authority along with the State Government must coordinate bus and train services, improve service frequency and reliability, and improve reporting accuracy and transparency – so Queenslanders can be assured the network is improving.”