Water guaranteed to flow, thanks to RACQ Foundation

A bone-dry south east Queensland golf club has access to running water again, thanks to funding from RACQ Foundation.

While not in a drought declared area, Toogoolawah recently faced long spells without rain. The income of the local farming community consequently dwindled and the town’s 90 year old golf club struggled.

For locals, the Toogoolawah Golf Club acted as more than just a place to play golf. It had been used to host community functions, and schools used the facility for cross country and other sporting events.

Toogoolawah Golf Club’s Trevor Friedrich said 2016 and 2017 were particularly difficult years.

“Both dams were almost empty and the bore dry. As a result, we could not water tees and our greens started to lose grass,” Mr Friedrich said.

“Quite simply we were looking at a poor, undernourished golf course which would inevitably lead to less playing members, less income, fewer volunteers, and the beginning of a vicious spiral to becoming a non-viable club.”

Recognising the importance of the Club to the local community, RACQ Foundation agreed to give more than $12,000 in funding to Toogoolawah Golf Club. The funding has been used to build a second bore to ensure there is sufficient water to irrigate the course during future periods without rain.

Mr Friedrich thanked RACQ Foundation for its contribution and its commitment to Queensland community organisations.

“Your support is more than appreciated,” Mr Friedrich.

“It lightens the load for small rural communities to enable them to keep going – it gives hope, stability, a sense of worth, pride, and a morally just outlook.”

RACQ Foundation has given more than $7.4 million to community groups across Queensland since its inception in 2011. Applications are currently open for drought-affected community organisations.