North Qld urged to prepare now for cyclone

As a tropical low was set to dump 500mm on the far north before it would likely turn into a cyclone later this week, RACQ has urged residents to start preparing their properties now.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said with 200mm already dumped in places like Ingham, it was important locals cleaned up their properties, talked through their emergency plan with their family, and had a fully-stocked emergency kit ready.

“Even though the cyclone isn't expected to cross the coast, it's important you and your family are ready now and don’t leave it until it’s too late," Ms Ross said.

“Get out there in the yard and clear away any debris that might block gutters or water run-off and secure any loose items.

“Make sure you’ve packed a bag of essentials in case you need to evacuate or go without power for several days.”

Ms Ross said the region was expected to face gale force winds, torrential rain and flooding and residents should check in with their insurer to ensure they knew what they were covered for. 

"We're expecting localised flash flooding and potentially dangerous driving conditions over the next few days," she said. 

"Make sure you check our Road Conditions site and stay out of floodwaters, it's just not worth taking any risks in these conditions.

“Before it's too late, get up-to-speed on your insurance product disclosure statement, or give your insurer a call to chat through your policy and what you’re insured for.

“Most importantly, stay aware of changing weather conditions and be ready to leave just in case you’re told to do so.”