RACQ welcomes PrepL

The State’s peak motoring body has welcomed the move to phase out Queensland’s multiple-choice learner drivers test in favour of the PrepL online course, which it said would save young lives.

Within months, instead of the current 30 question multiple-choice test, students would answer around 400 questions and participate in interactive challenges in an online portal.

RACQ’s Steve Spalding said the new digital driver education program was suited to the way young people learn and would better prepare them for the roads.

“Students are cramming all of the driver information in, but then as soon as they pass the test, much of the knowledge goes out the window. This new course will give them the opportunity to really absorb everything they need to know to be safe drivers,” Mr Spalding said.

“The fact that it can be done online in modules, at a student’s pace, will be more convenient too.”

The in-depth course is the latest phase of the Graduated Licensing System changes.

Mr Spalding said previous changes included an increase in the number of hours drivers were required to complete before they were awarded a licence.

“Drivers between the ages of 17 to 25 are at their most vulnerable and sadly this age group is grossly over-represented when it comes to road deaths and serious injuries,” he said.

“Since the changes started in 2007, we have seen a significant drop in fatal incidents involving novice drivers, so it’s clear that we’re saving lives.”

Mr Spalding also reminded parents who were teaching young drivers to brush up on their road rules.

“It’s been a long time since many of us have sat our driving test, so it’s never too late to check you’re across the rules and passing the right habits on to your kids.”