Road rules needed to drive autonomous vehicle revolution

RACQ has backed calls for consistent road rules ahead of driverless cars being rolled out across Australia.

The Courier Mail reported advancements in autonomous vehicle technologies had outpaced government efforts to implement new regulations which addressed road rules and liability, insurance, privacy and data issues.

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said while a consistent approach to govern driverless vehicles could take some time to establish, it would improve safety for all road users.

“We know governments and stakeholders around the country have been discussing and developing appropriate regulations for the past several years, but they haven’t been delivered at the same speed autonomous technologies have progressed,” Dr Michael said.

“We’re pleased legislative reforms are now currently underway and will continue to be put in place over the coming years. They will accommodate the driver assistance level of technology currently available to drivers even in the most sophisticated vehicles, such as Teslas.

“Despite these vehicles having automated assistance features like autopilot, the human driver is still responsible for using the automation systems appropriately, and monitoring and taking over immediately if required.

“While we’ve still got a long way to go before fully autonomous vehicles will be on our road, it’s important everyone feels safe using them.”