Motorists warned of counterfeit car parts

Toyota and Hyundai have undertaken a sting which uncovered more than 500 fake car parts imported from overseas.

RACQ’s Paul Turner said using car parts from non-reputable online suppliers was always risky.

“These bogus parts can cause major damage to your car which can result in dangerous situations, like having the engine shut down mid-drive,” Mr Turner said.

“A legitimate part can cost as little as $20 and for the sake of a couple of dollars, using a dodgy car part bought online could end up costing you thousands in repairs to your car.”

Mr Turner warned the problem was wide-spread.

“These dodgy imports are occurring right across the industry in Australia and virtually every brand of car is impacted,” he said.

“It’s difficult to tell if parts are legitimate but the most tell-tale signs are where you’re buying them and the price. If they’re less than half price, and you’re buying them online, there’s a chance you could be buying a dodgy product.

“Make sure you only buy from a dealership or a reputable car parts shop, like Repco, and if you’re concerned you’ve bought a dodgy part, take your vehicle to a mechanic.”