Better footpath maintenance vital: RACQ

RACQ has called for greater investment in maintenance and more timely repairs for Brisbane’s damaged footpaths, after it was revealed there was a $6 million backlog of unfixed and neglected pavements throughout the City.

The Courier Mail reported more than 1000 footpaths across 155 Brisbane suburbs were awaiting maintenance works. 

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said with more people walking and cycling during the current pandemic, accessible and safe paths were more important than ever.

“Damaged paths are not only annoying for pedestrians, but they can also be dangerous, especially for those who have difficulty or need assistance when walking,” Dr Michael said. 

“It’s vital Brisbane City Council invests in tackling the backlog of repairs so we can make sure we have safe footpaths for pedestrians, mobility scooter riders, bike riders and other wheeled recreational devices.

“It’s also time we saw increased funding for additional footpaths to make walking more attractive and provide options for healthy, active and sustainable journeys.

“The more effort we put into getting people out of cars and onto good footpaths and walking routes the better impact we will have on reducing traffic congestion.”

Dr Michael encouraged residents to report path defects and other maintenance issues in their neighbourhoods. 

“Reporting can be done online or by calling your local Council. It only takes a few minutes and means footpaths can be made safe for yourself and others as soon as possible.”