New point-to-point speed cameras coming to SEQ

Speeding drivers have been put on notice after police confirmed new point-to-point speed cameras would be installed on three major south east Queensland roads within the next two years.

Brisbane Times reported the cameras would be fitted on the Pacific Motorway between Beenleigh and Gaven, on the Gateway Motorway between Nudgee and Deagon, and on the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing.

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The system could record vehicle registration plates at fixed points on a section of road and calculated the speed to travel between the points, so traffic fines could be issued.

The technology would detect speedsters, help authorities monitor and enforce heavy vehicle movements, and alert police to people driving unregistered or stolen vehicles, and unlicensed drivers.

RACQ Head of Technical and Safety Policy Steve Spalding said while speed cameras were unpopular with some drivers, they were an important tool in helping keep road users safe.

“Our members tell us a visible police presence is always the preferred option when attempting to enforce road safety, but point-to-point cameras are becoming more common,” Mr Spalding said.

“Speed is one of the Fatal Five for a reason – motorists need to take responsibility for their own behaviour and ensure they’re doing the right thing and sticking to the speed limit.”

In Queensland, point-to-point speed cameras are already used on the Bruce and Mount Lindesay highways.