Trigger the traffic lights, get the green

It was revealed motorists could save fuel and time by knowing how to activate the ‘sweet spot’ at signalised intersections so that the lights changed from red to green.

RACQ Head of Technical and Safety Steve Spalding said where drivers positioned their vehicles was the key to a quicker light change.

“Wire loops are embedded in cuts in the road and detect when a vehicle is above and signal when the lights are to change. Vehicles that sit directly above the cuts trigger the lights better than those that sit outside of them,” Mr Spalding said.

“Basically, the loops are trying to detect metal so it can be harder for motorcycles to get picked up.”

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Mr Spalding said motorists should also avoid leaving large gaps between vehicles when stopped at a set of lights.

“The more metal the loops can detect, the greater chance a driver has of being able to sway the phasing of the lights,” he said.

“It’s also important for motorists to maintain a steady flow of traffic as they travel through intersections so other drivers in the queue have a better chance of making it through on the green.”