Don't let a sip or snack cost you a fine

RACQ has clarified the rules around eating and drinking behind the wheel, following reports a man was fined for sipping from a water bottle while driving.

ABC News reported a Queensland man claimed he was pulled over by police and fined $173 and one demerit point for ‘driving without due care and attention’. 

RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said while it could seem minor, consuming food or beverages while driving was a distraction and potentially a fineable offence.

“If you don’t have two hands on the wheel or your eyes on the road, your mind clearly isn’t on the driving task and that can result in serious injury or worse,” Ms Ritchie said.

“You could be slugged with a fines up to $533 for not having proper control of your vehicle or not driving with due care and attention.

“If you need to eat or drink, do it before you get on the road or pull over in a safe location and take a break.

“It might seem like a silly rule to some, but they are in place to keep everyone safe.”