Election 'sugar hit 'for drivers: RACQ

The State’s peak motoring body has supported today’s LNP announcement of a $300 rego rebate for Queenslanders.

The Courier Mail reported all Queensland registered car owners would be eligible for the COVID-19 rego rebate if the LNP got into power on 31 October.

The LNP claimed the $300 rebates for every registered car would be compensation for more than 3.8 million Queenslanders unable to use their cars as regularly during the COVID-19 lockdown and as border restrictions limited travel options.

RACQ's Paul Turner said while the Club supported any relief for motorists who paid thousands in motoring costs and fuel taxes every year, it called for longer-term relief drivers. 

“We certainly wouldn’t knock back financial relief for drivers, but we fear this would be more of a ‘sugar hit’ than a genuine solution for our soaring costs for owning and running a car in Queensland,” Mr Turner said.

“For Government, registration costs are a real cash cow and our members have been milked for far too long.”

Mr Turner said RACQ was calling for a freeze to rego increases or a reduction in the costs of registration in Queensland.

“It costs more $673 a year to register a 3-cylinder car, and that makes it one of the most expensive places to register a car in Australia,” he said.

“This election we urge all political parties to listen to our members who are begging of relief to their family budgets.”

RACQ’s State Election policy document ‘Mobility Matters’ was available online.