SEQ to cop heatwave hangover

Residents across south east Queensland are being urged to prepare for stifling conditions, with a heatwave set to hit the region just in time for the weekend.

The weather system, which hit Australia’s southern states over the past week, was predicted to bring storms and top temperatures nudging 40 degrees.

RACQ’s Lauren Ritchie said with temperatures set to soar across much of the south east, it was a timely reminder to never to leave children or animals locked in vehicles.

“The temperature inside a car can reach 40 degrees in just seven minutes,” Ms Ritchie said.

“It’s never safe to leave an animal or a child alone in a vehicle, even if it’s parked in the shade with the windows down.

“If you see a child trapped in car, it’s important you don’t try and break a window, as this can injure the child inside. Call RACQ or emergency services instead.”

A spokesperson for the Bureau of Meteorology said while the warm trough had lost some of its intensity as it headed north, it would still pack a punch.

“Places like Gatton and Ipswich are set to be the worst affected, with top temperatures of 40 degrees, eight degrees above average,” the spokesperson said.

“Places closer to the coast, including Brisbane, will see tops of around 35, which is still well above average for this time of year.

“We won’t see things cool down until the south east change sweeps through on Sunday evening.”

It came off the back of news 2017 was Queensland’s hottest year on record, with the average daytime maximum temperature peaking at 31.54 degrees.