Are Qld road rules too hard to grasp?

Spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said it wasn’t surprising to know young drivers surveyed by the Club found these rules difficult to master.

“While these are very basic road rules many more experienced drivers also fail to remember give way and stopping rules,” Ms Ritchie said.

“The old adage, practice makes perfect, rings true. It’s vital learners spend their early days behind the wheel getting the basics correct.”

Under Queensland licencing regulatins, learner drivers must log 100 hours of supervised driving before they’re eligible to sit their practical test.

Ms Ritchie said the mandatory logbook hours allowed learners to get sufficient practice at a range of driving scenarios.

“It’s important to get experience at driving on suburban roads, highways, in rainy conditions and in peak hour traffic. In fact, as part of your 100 hours you have to have driven at least 10 hours at night.”

In 2015, the Palaszczuk Government tightened the Queensland drivers’ test to focus on more high-speeding motoring conditions and less focus on parking maneuverers.

Ms Ritchie said unfortunately young and inexperienced drivers continued to be over-represented in the Queensland road toll every year.

“While the introduction of mandatory 100 hours of supervised driver training has, we believe, led to a decrease in road deaths for younger drivers, we still need to do more,” she said.

“Last year more than 60 people aged between 17 and 24 years old died on Queensland roads. This age group continues to be the highest risk group due mostly to driver inexperience.”

The five road rules learners say are toughest to remember:

  1. Give way/stopping
  2. Roundabout rules
  3. Speed limits
  4. Indicating
  5. Judging Distances.