Full Metro business case must be published: RACQ

Brisbane City Council (BCC) has reportedly re-allocated funds related to the delivery of its Brisbane Metro business case which has some members of council questioning when it will be delivered.

Brisbane Times reported $3.7 million of the $16 million in this year’s Budget dedicated to the delivery of business case was moved into the 2017-2018 financial year.

Council defended claims the project was being pushed back.

“The $3.7 million represents savings in the originally allocated business case budget,” a BCC spokesperson said.

“These funds will be invested into the overall Brisbane Metro project to progress plans, following delivery of the business case.”

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said the Club still expected the business case to be delivered this month and would continue to push for the publication of the full business case.

“We’re really keen to see how this project could reduce Brisbane’s transport headache so it’s important BCC publish the full business case for the Metro project as soon as it’s finalised,” Ms Smith said.

“The community and all stakeholders can then be consulted on how the project might impact them and whether it will be a solution for some of Brisbane’s traffic network issues.”

Ms Smith said RACQ supported changes to the concept that were announced by BCC earlier this year.

“Although we currently don’t have all the detail needed to make an overall judgement on the project, we agree the Metro service should run on the existing infrastructure because it means there will be less disruption to motorists and public transport users.”