Clamp down on illegal parking in disabled spots: RACQ

RACQ has urged caution over calls for demerit points to be handed out to motorists illegally using disabled parking spaces.

Brisbane Times reported disability advocate Elisha Wright argued the number of fines for the offence had more than doubled in recent years and a demerit point penalty should be used to deter drivers.

RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said the Club would rather councils better enforced the offence than look at adding demerit points to the penalty.

“We absolutely want to see motorists fined if they’re illegally parking in these disabled spots, but demerit points should only be used in situations where road safety is at risk,” Ms Ritchie said.

“Disabled parking spaces are reserved for those with a permit to allow people with impaired mobility and wheelchairs to get around.

“The reality is, for a deterrent to be effective it needs to be enforceable. If people don’t think they will get caught then they will continue to commit the illegal behaviour.

“We’d certainly like to see councils across our State targeting anyone parking in these spots illegally by enforcing fines – that’s the best deterrent in this case.”

In 2013 the Newman government increased the fines police could issue for parking in a disable spot to $220 to better align with some councils. Queensland Police and Brisbane City Council fines are now $252.