RACQ welcomes cheaper transport for seniors

The LNP has announced it would halve the price of driver licences for seniors and make off-peak public transport free for older passengers if it was to win Government at the Queensland election.

Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls said the senior licence concession would reduce fees by more than $100.

“Our discount will see driver’s licence fees range from $36 to $82 as opposed to the existing fees…which could cost up to $165,” Mr Nicholls said.

RACQ’s Paul Turner said the Club welcomed moves to reduce costs.

“Transport costs in Queensland are the third largest household expense behind housing and food,” Mr Turner said.

“On average, Queensland motorists spend more than $200 a week on transport related expenses and we know for seniors that can be a tight squeeze.”

The LNP plan would also see 20 million bus and train trips made free of charge for seniors at a saving of up to $720 a year per passenger.

Mr Turner said the organisation was keen to support any idea that boosted the number of Queenslanders using public transport.

“We know from a recent Translink report that the number of Queenslanders using public transport has dropped,” he said.

“These free trips encourage more people to use buses and trains at different times of day, which in turn makes the experience a better one for commuters and also helps to relieve pressure on the road network.”