Regional servos dragging heels in dropping prices

Drivers in regional Queensland were still paying through the nose for fuel despite a drop in global oil prices, which prompted RACQ to urge motorists to shun expensive sites.

Club spokesperson Lucinda Ross said the price fuel companies paid for petrol was continuing to fall, and yet those savings weren’t being passed on to motorists at the pump.

“Retailers are dragging their heels and refusing to discount fuel despite the fact they’re buying it cheaper – and it’s not fair,” Ms Ross said.

“In Cairns, the average price for unleaded is 162.8 cents per litre (cpl), when in reality, a fair price should be 144cpl or less.

“It’s not much better Rockhampton and Hervey Bay where the fair price should be under 145cpl but drivers are being slugged on average 15cpl more.”

Ms Ross said the price discrepancy highlighted why it was so important drivers used their purse power and shopped wisely.

“There’s always a cheap end of the market, and then there are those servos pricing at the expensive end. Motorists need to punish those retailers who’re gauging prices and only shop where fuel is cheap,” she said.

“It might only be a few cents less you’re paying but rewarding cheaper servos with your business drives competition.”

Ms Ross advised motorists to do their research before they filled up.

“Take a few minutes to look at RACQ’s Fair Fuel Price website and find out the fair price you should be paying, and where the good deals are, so you can fill up for a little less.”