ASK RACQ: Who gives way in a Shared Zone?

We were recently contacted by a member who asked, “what the rules were when it comes to driving through a shared car and pedestrian zone?”


The Queensland Road Rules states a motorist driving in a Shared Zone must give way to any pedestrian in the Shared Zone.

Give way means slow down and stop if necessary to avoid a collision, or if you are already stopped, stay there until it is safe to move on.

RACQ Principal Road Safety Advisor Joel Tucker said there were three ways to know if you were in a Shared Zone.

“There will be a designated ‘Shared Zone’ road sign and you’ll notice the road will be a different colour or material,” Mr Tucker said.

“Shared zones are also usually elevated from the surrounding road, and have 10km/h speed limits.”

The penalty for ‘failing to give way to a pedestrian in a Shared Zone’ was a $378 fine and three demerit points.