New service to keep drivers accountable

RACQ has welcomed news registered vehicle owners in Queensland will now be notified if someone borrowing their car has committed a traffic offence.

Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR) data revealed 120,000 roadside tickets were issued each year to motorists driving someone else’s vehicle.

Club spokesperson Renee Smith said the move was designed to provide more transparency around traffic offences.

“Up until now, notifications were only sent to the registered owner if it was a camera-detected offence, like speeding,” Ms Smith said.

“Now, if a driver is stopped by police and issued a ticket for speeding, not wearing a seatbelt or using a mobile phone behind the wheel, the owner of the vehicle will know about it.

Ms Smith said this process could help out many who regularly loan their car to others.

“This will be a great tool, particularly for parents and carers of young drivers who share the family car,” she said.

“Employers in the transport and freight business will also be able to monitor and manage the driving behaviour of their employees more effectively.

“Queenslanders who already have their email registered with the Department of Transport and Main Roads will be automatically enrolled in the service.”

To register online, owners and organisations could visit this website.