Riders to voice views in quad bike safety review

RACQ has called on quad bikers to be part of a consumer watchdog investigation into widespread safety concerns with the recreational vehicles, in the hopes of improving rider safety.

After 114 deaths since 2011, the the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) was investigating a range of ways to improve quad bike safety and prevent further deaths and injuries in the community.

The ACCC initiated the discussion today when it released its Issues Paper and proposed reforms. It said a safety standard for quad bikes could:

  • require quad bikes to be tested in accordance with a national quad bike safety rating system
  • prohibit unsafe design features or mandate requirements for design and construction
  • prescribe the form and content of any warnings or instructions that need to accompany quad bikes at the point of sale, including the safety rating achieved by the quad bike.

RACQ Head of Technical and Safety Policy Steve Spalding said improved quad bike safety was essential.

“Sadly, there has been a high number of serious incidents with quad bikes and ensuring we look at how we can improve the safety of riders is critical,” Mr Spalding said.

“The safe operation of quad bikes is a critical aspect of their use and is why we’re hoping much can come from this safety investigation. Ultimately we need to ensure we see fewer incidents in the future.”

Mr Spalding said quad bike riders could visit the ACCC website to make a submission.