Drink driving not worth the risk

The State’s peak motoring body has warned all motorists about the dangers of drink driving, after new figures revealed women in regional areas were more likely to drink drive than their city counterparts.

The Courier Mail reported while men were the main offenders, women still made up a quarter of people caught drink driving.

RACQ spokesperson Clare Hunter said there was no excuse for getting behind the wheel drunk.

“It’s nearly Christmas and, sadly, too many people will run the risk and get on the road while over the legal limit,” Ms Hunter said.

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“The blood alcohol limit for an open licence is 0.05 percent, which generally means men can have up to two drinks in the first hour and up to one in subsequent hours, while women can only have a maximum of one in that first hour and up to one every hour after.

“But every person is different, so it’s important drivers know their own limits which that might mean it’s safer not to drive at all if you’re planning to have a couple.”

Ms Hunter recommended drivers thought about a Plan B before settling in to a few drinks.

“Every time you drink, make sure your safe way home doesn’t involve getting behind the wheel. That might mean calling a sober mate, or using rideshare or a taxi,” she said.

“Because if you’re drunk or on drugs while driving you’re playing with fire. You could cause a crash and kill or injure not only yourself but another innocent road user. It’s never worth the risk.”