Queenslanders urged to prepare now for TC Owen

As the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) monitored the reformed Tropical Cyclone (TC) Owen, north Queensland residents have been urged to prepare themselves and their families.

At 4am Thursday, BOM reported the Category 2 system was located over the Gulf of Carpentaria and would continue to track east back towards the Queensland coast. TC Owen was predicted to reach Category 3 intensity on Thursday morning and could cross the coast between Karumba and Pompuraaw on Friday.

RACQ spokesperson Kirsty Clinton said the predicted path TC Owen would take would mean much of the State would receive heavy rain and wild winds in the coming week.

“Residents of the Gulf of Carpentaria right down to the Gold Coast are expected to feel the effects of this system. Luckily, TC Owen is quite slow moving at the moment giving Queenslanders some time to prepare for what is tipped to be the worst weather since TC Debbie,” Ms Clinton said.

“If you’re in the southern half of the State and are still experiencing sunshine you still have time to clean your gutters to prevent water building up and seeping into your roof cavity.

“You should also take the time to remove any excess debris from your garden and tie down or move inside any loose objects which could become missiles in high winds.”