Queenslanders called on to form a Citizens' Jury: RACQ

Thousands of Queenslanders will receive an invitation this week inviting them to participate in Queensland’s first Citizens’ Jury to consider the State’s Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance scheme.

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said people 16 years and over would be selected at random to take part in the unique jury process.

“You might receive an invitation from RACQ or Vote Compass asking you to register your interest in being a member of the Jury,” Ms Smith said.

“We’re looking for approximately 50 jurors who are wanting to take part in this democratic process and have their say in shaping Queensland’s motor injury insurance scheme.”

Emma Fletcher from DemocracyCo, the independent consultants who will be running the Jury process, said they would be seeking a broad representation of the Queensland population across residential location, age and gender.

“The only people not eligible to sit on the Jury are those who earn an income from the CTP scheme or have an active claim. This is to deal with the financial conflict of interest," Ms Fletcher said.

The Jury would be meeting over four days and one evening across February and March this year. 

“We anticipate this process will appeal to people who have a strong sense of social justice, university students, people who have had first-hand experience with the CTP scheme or just want to connect with other Queenslanders and be part of the deliberative process,” Ms Fletcher said. 

“A Jury Advisory Group (JAG) has been formed to help develop the expert witness list who will present information to the jury on a range of areas for consideration, including CTP cover, benefits, cost and futureproofing.

“Members of the JAG bring expertise from various backgrounds and include individuals from two of the insurance companies (Suncorp and RACQ), two local law firms (Shine and Kare), the Australian Physiotherapy Association and actuaries Finity Consulting.  A representative from PWC, the probity auditors for the jury process, will attend each meeting.”

RACQ thanked members of the JAG for giving their time to engage with and help educate Queenslanders on our motor injury insurance scheme.  

“The community don’t have an active voice on this issue and there are particularly low knowledge levels about CTP, which we hope to change throughout this process,” Ms Smith said.

The Queensland CTP Citizens’ Jury is part of RACQ’s ReThink CTP advocacy initiative to raise awareness of Queensland’s compulsory motor injury insurance scheme and provide a platform for Queenslanders to have their say.