Securing your child properly isn't an option: RACQ

RACQ has warned drivers of the dangers of failing to properly restrain their children after a mother was filmed breastfeeding her baby while stuck in traffic on the M1 at the weekend.

Nine News reported the woman claimed there was nowhere for her to safely pull over during the gridlock, so she put the infant on her lap to feed behind the wheel.

While RACQ did not comment on specific incidents, Club spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said there was no excuse for drivers not to properly secure their children.

“To not have a child properly restrained is risking their lives, that’s how serious an outcome it is. Even a small crash can injure a little one,” Ms Ritchie said.

“If you need to attend to your children, for whatever reason, please pull over safely on the shoulder of a road or take the nearest exit and put the vehicle in park before removing a child from its restraint.

“Front airbags are designed to protect adult occupants in a crash scenario so if children aren’t in the correct restraint, the consequences could be fatal.”

RACQ also reminded parents it was law for a child under seven to be in a child restraint.

“These strict regulations are in place for a reason and that’s to keep children safe,” she said.

“Babies up to six months old are particularly fragile and must be in an approved rear-facing restraint that’s properly fastened and adjusted.”

More information on child restraints could be found on RACQ’s website.