Dob in a claim farmer: RACQ

RACQ has joined the Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC) and called on Queenslanders to share their stories of times they had been targeted by car crash scammers.

RACQ spokesperson Paul Turner said claim farming, when criminals cold called drivers in an effort to coerce them into making an insurance claim about a crash, continued to be a problem.

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“These criminals contact you and pretend they’re there to help you make an insurance claim – but what they really do is sell your personal details to make money,” Mr Turner said.

“It often takes people by surprise when they get the call. You’ll be asked if you’ve had a car crash recently, the claim farmer hopes you’ll say “yes”, and that’s when they pressure you to start the process so they can make money out of passing the claim onto lawyers.

“Often these criminals use the name of insurance companies, like RACQ, or even MAIC itself, making it even more difficult to judge whether it’s a legitimate call or not. That’s where you have to be careful – RACQ wouldn’t ask for your personal details in a phone call.”

Queenslanders who had been targeted were urged to follow a few simple steps to collect key information on the claim farmer, before they reported the scammer through the MAIC website.

MAIC also invited drivers with a story to share to contact the Commission by 17 February, 2019, to be part of a public awareness campaign.