Weak Aussie dollar can take you further overseas

As the Australian dollar remained weaker, RACQ Bank has advised travellers of the top overseas destinations where they could get more bang for their buck on holiday.

RACQ Bank spokesperson Clare Hunter said while hot spots like western Europe and the United States weren’t cheap, there were countries where the exchange rate meant the Aussie dollar would work harder.

“There are loads of stunning places in the world where our dollar is performing better than in those well-trodden tourist hot spots,” Ms Hunter said.

“A little research when planning your overseas getaway can make all the difference and knowing how much of the local currency one Australian dollar will get you when you exchange it is a great place to start.

“A good trick is to research how much a coffee or meal will set you back, as well as accommodation costs and work that into your budget.”

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Ms Hunter said Queenslanders were spoiled for choice with Bali and Thailand just a stone’s throw away but said they weren’t the only destinations for budget conscious travellers.

“Indonesia’s West Papua features breathtaking archipelagos and sparkling oceans, yet hotel rooms can be as little as $20 per day.

“If South America is on your bucket list, then Argentina is among the cheapest countries to visit while the Aussie dollar can buy amazing African adventures in Namibia and Zambia.

“If Europe is still on your must-do list, it’s worth considering countries outside the western tourist hub, for example, Georgia has stunning mountain views, delightful old villages and for $40 per day you can get a bed, three meals and plenty of site seeing.”

Ms Hunter said no matter where travellers chose to visit, they should always make sure they had travel insurance.

“There’s a big world out there waiting to be explored but the most important thing you should organise before you go is your travel insurance.”

How the Aussie dollar compares right now:

  • Great value: Hong Kong, New Zealand, Argentina, Georgia, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India and South Korea
  • Almost parity: Canada and Singapore
  • Not so great value: The United Kingdom, USA, Europe and Switzerland.

The current exchange rate for any destination could be found on The Reserve Bank of Australia website.