RACQ supports plan to crack-down on “cowboy” tow truck drivers

RACQ has thrown its full support behind a State Government led inquiry into dodgy tow truck operators.

The move followed recent outrage over the lucrative and deceptive tactics some tow truck companies had been employing in order to rip off motorists.

The Queensland Government announced a pre-eminent former judge would lead an independent three month investigation into the towing industry.

RACQ’s Paul Turner said Queensland motorists deserved a fair go at the hands of tow truck operators, and he hoped the inquiry brought about major industry change.

“There needs to be clear signage in towing zones. Currently motorists are experiencing entrapment due signs that are easily missed,” Mr Turner said.

“Another issue is the ridiculous fines being handed out. Fines must appropriately reflect the cost of the towing of the vehicle. Fines upwards of $600 onwards are outrageous. It’s extortion.

“Finally, the safety of motorists needs to be paramount. We can’t have motorists left stranded without adequate transport.”

Minister for Main Roads and Road Safety Mark Bailey said this had been an issue that has challenged many governments due to legal complexities but clearly something needs to be done to clean-up the dodgy side of the industry.

“It is clear we must bring this industry into line with community expectations and an independent investigation is the best way to do this,” Mr Bailey said.

“I want to thank the community who have called the 1800 681 636 hotline. Your stories will ultimately help make a change for the better. We’ll be leaving this hotline open as part of the consultation process for the investigation.”