Congestion charge not the solution

The State’s peak motoring body has rejected calls to introduce a congestion tax in Brisbane and urged governments to get to work on providing better public transport rather than looking to charge motorists more.

The Courier Mail reported the Grattan Institute had called for Australian cities to follow London, Singapore, Stockholm and Milan’s lead and charge motorists to enter the CBD during morning and afternoon peak times.

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said it was premature to introduce a congestion tax as delivering better public transport was a more suitable option.

“We are not of the scale nor do we have the population of other cities around the globe which impose these types of taxes,” Dr Michael said.

“Many people are forced to drive into the Brisbane CBD because they have no viable alternative and we don’t want to see them penalised with an extra charge.

“What we need is good quality transport infrastructure to get commuters out of their cars and reduce the bottlenecks.”