Could you pass this road rule quiz?

RACQ has cleared up the road rules surrounding a give way scenario after the Club’s online quiz sparked fiery debate.

An image of two cars, a cyclist and a pedestrian was posted to the RACQ Facebook page with the multiple choice question, “in which order should the cars, cyclist and pedestrian proceed through the intersections?”

The post attracted more than 700 comments, with many motorists confused about the answer.

Janis P answered: “A – as there is no pedestrian crossing marked there.”

Angela W wrote: ”It beggars belief that anybody would think it acceptable for a pedestrian to step out onto a road with no designated crossing and think they have right of way. How many here would do that on any of our major roads and expect traffic to stop to allow them?”

Club spokesperson Clare Hunter said while it was a complicated scenario it was important drivers knew what to do.

“In this case the correct answer is D – the cyclist, pedestrian, blue car then the red car,” Ms Hunter said.

“The cyclist can continue straight ahead as the pedestrian is not at a designated pedestrian or children’s crossing.

“The blue car gives way to the pedestrian, who is at or near the intersection and crossing the road the car is entering and the red car must give way to all vehicles and pedestrians when doing a U-turn.”

Ms Hunter said the quiz served as a timely reminder to everyone who used the road.

“We all need to know how to share the road safely and legally with cyclists and pedestrians, not just motor vehicles,” she said.

“When driving or riding in Queensland, you must give way to pedestrians on or entering children’s, pedestrian or marked foot crossings.

“You also have to give way to pedestrians on or entering a road you’re turning into and in a shared zone or slip lane.

“Pedestrians shouldn’t just step out in front of you when you’re driving or riding along a road, but of course, we want road users to always do their absolute best to avoid hitting anyone crossing the road.”