Scooter legislation welcomed

The State’s peak motoring body has welcomed the introduction of new laws to help keep electric scooter riders, pedestrians and cyclists safe on Queensland roads and footpaths.

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said the Lime Scooter trial, which had been operating in Brisbane’s CBD over the past month, highlighted the need for clear regulations.

“This new legislation includes a speed limit of 25km/h, the wearing of mandatory helmets, and every scooter must have effective brakes,” Dr Michael said.

“These scooters must now meet certain characteristics such as dimensions, mass and speed, as well as ensuring they have no sharp protrusions which may injure pedestrians.

“Riders have a role to play too – the scooters must be ridden on paths and riders have to give way to pedestrians. When in the CBD, they must stay off the road and avoid interacting with traffic.”

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Dr Michael said the Club supported the use of electric scooters as they would help commuters fill some of the gaps between public transport and their destinations.

“Electric scooters might even encourage better take up of public transport because they make it easier to complete the last leg of their journeys to and from work and play,” she said.

“But they’re only going be successful if they’re safe, so we’d urge anyone thinking of scooting to stick to the rules, be responsible and be respectful to all road users.”

Dr Michael reminded Queenslanders contravention of the new legislation would attract a $130 fine, while speeding would incur an infringement notice of $174.