Motorists urged to shop around as prices stagnate in Toowoomba

RACQ has encouraged Toowoomba motorists to do their research before filling up the tank as prices remained high at most sites across the Garden City.

Club spokesperson Vivien O’Connor said unleaded petrol (ULP) prices had stagnated in the last month, with the daily average sitting between 132 cents per litre (cpl) and 137cpl.

“In the last year, Toowoomba developed a price cycle similar to what we have in Brisbane and Ipswich. But this appears to have broken down in the last month and prices remain close to the high point we saw in December,” Ms O’Connor said.

“The good news is there are about 12 sites selling ULP for 118cpl or less, which is the price motorists should be aiming for to fill the tank.”

“Never has it been more important for Toowoomba motorists to do their homework and shop around to make sure they’re not being ripped off at the bowser.”

Ms O’Connor said cheaper fuel could also be found in some of the smaller centres on the outskirts of Toowoomba.

“If you’re travelling to a smaller town it might be worth stopping to fill up the tank there before you head back to Toowoomba,” she said.

“The Lockyer Valley has an average of 113.5cpl of ULP and the average in Dalby is 120.8cpl. Compared to Toowoomba’s average of 130.9cpl, that’s a substantial difference.”