Lowering hospital speed limits part of the solution

RACQ has welcomed Brisbane City Council’s plan to improve road safety around two major hospitals.

The Courier Mail reported Council would look to improve pedestrian safety around Mater Hospital at South Brisbane and Queensland Children’s Hospital at Woolloongabba, which could include reviewing the 60 kilometre per hour (km/h) speed limit.

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said the Club supported road safety improvements and was pleased Council was looking at holistic traffic solutions.

“Speed could be a part of the changes, however we need to look at what other solutions might make those areas safer,” Dr Michael said.

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“We recommend an investigation into a combination of solutions and upgrades to safely accommodate vehicle, cycle and pedestrian traffic while maintaining necessary capacity and flow for traffic.

“Solutions such as installing accessible pedestrian infrastructure along high volume routes, with safety and vulnerable user upgrades to crossings, could provide better outcomes than simply changing vehicle speed limits.

“Council is currently looking at potential upgrades in the Stanley St and Vulture St area, as this will be under further strain once the Victoria Bridge, which links South Bank to the CBD, is closed to cars.”