ASK RACQ: Can you get fined while waiting for roadside assistance?

Have you ever wondered if you could receive a ticket while you’re waiting for a RACQ patrol to assist you?

The quickest answer is, yes you could. But, should you? Probably not.

In Queensland, our road rules do allow scope for disobeying restrictions on stopping and parking. Provided you have stopped because your vehicle is disabled, has become dangerous or needs attention, or you’re helping another driver with a disabled vehicle, you shouldn’t find yourself in trouble with a parking inspector.

Generally, they’ll be able to see you have broken down if your hazard lights are activated and there is a flat tyre or the vehicle won’t start etc.

But if you’re facing a fine it’s important not to become argumentative in such a situation but certainly offer an explanation as to why you’re stuck in that location and, if you have already called for assistance, let them know who you’ve called and what instructions you’ve been given. Remember your safety is the priority and you can always dispute the issuing of a ticket at a later date.

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