Streak of horror weekends from motorbike riders continue

For the second weekend in a row, the RACQ Air Rescue Network responded to multiple serious crashes involving motorbikes, leading to calls for riders to remain vigilant of road conditions.

On Saturday, RACQ CQ rescue was tasked about 1pm to a property after a serious crash involving a man on a dirt bike. The man was unable to be revived and sadly passed away. On Sunday, an eight-year-old boy was riding a dirt bike when he hit an ant hill and went over the handlebars; he suffered a seriously broken right wrist.

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said the weekend was a reminder for all road users to be careful both on and off the road. 

“We’ve seen a devastating increase in our road toll this year, and we’re pleading with everyone on and off our roads to play it safe,” Ms Smith said.

“Whether you’re out enjoying the first road trip in a while with your family or riding a dirt bike on a private property with some mates, you need to stay alert and aware of the conditions around you.

“If you’re driving or riding in a group, especially if you’re off-road, make sure you’re able to communicate with each other and keep track of where everyone is. Taking risks while on or off the road is never worth it.”