Support for communities hammered by TC Debbie

The Salvation Army received $50,000 in funding from the RACQ Foundation to assist families devastated or displaced by Tropical Cyclone Debbie.

The funding enabled the Salvation Army to provide prepaid EFTPOS cards to impacted Queenslanders following the devastating storm in March 2017.

RACQ Foundation spokesperson Darryn Hammond said many residents were displaced when their properties were severely damaged or destroyed by the natural disaster and the EFTPOS cards made a huge difference.

“The funding provided to the Salvation Army helped put food on the table and keep roofs over the heads of Queenslanders at arguably the most difficult time of their lives,” Mr Hammond said.

“This is exactly why RACQ Foundation was established in 2011 – to help communities and Queenslanders impacted by natural disasters to get back on their feet.

“Tropical Cyclone Debbie was a stark reminder of the severe impact extreme weather events can have on our State, and how much difference groups like the Salvation Army can make in the aftermath.

“Sometimes we forget how long the community continues to suffer after these natural disasters.”

The Salvation Army’s Derek Brown said the charity was incredibly grateful for the support of the RACQ Foundation.

“This donation has made a huge difference in the lives of so many Queenslanders who were severely impacted by Cyclone Debbie,” Mr Brown said.

“The Salvation Army disaster recovery teams remain on the ground, supporting communities from Lismore to Bowen.

“We’re committed to supporting these communities through the long-term recovery process. To date, we’ve assisted more than 3,000 Queenslanders.”

Since RACQ Foundation’s inception in 2011, more than $7.6 million has been distributed to more than 180 drought, flood and cyclone impacted community organisations throughout Queensland.

Applications for funding could be found on the RACQ Foundationwebsite.