RACQ leads the way with flashing lights trial

In a world-first, RACQ was trialling specially designed flashing lights in real conditions, that could make responding to incidents safer for roadside workers. 

RACQ Head of Technical and Safety Policy Steve Spalding said the colour, position and different patterns had been chosen to optimise the response of passing traffic.

“These lights are designed to alert oncoming motorists earlier to the presence of roadside workers,” Mr Spalding said.

In the past drivers would’ve seen a series of smaller red, or amber flashing lights, but this was a larger bar across the top of the vehicle and it really reinforces the message to pull over.

“Our Traffic Response Officers, like emergency workers, attend a range of incidents everyday on high-speed roads to help manage traffic, which puts their safety at risk.

“Their job is to protect the safety of other motorists, but their safety needs to be protected as well.”

Mr Spalding said the trial commenced in late 2017 and collected data on some 7,500 vehicle movements and stage two was now looking at a redesigned lighting pattern.

“We’re currently adding this technology on 11 vehicles in our fleet until January 2021,” he said.

“We are seeing a good response so far but it’s also up to motorists to play their part.

“Please, stay alert on high-speed roads and move clear of roadside incidents by changing lanes and reducing your speed.”