Thumbs up for new ferry terminal

RACQ has welcomed a proposed ferry terminal at a popular dining and entertainment precinct in Brisbane in a bid to ease congestion on surrounding streets.

Brisbane Times reported Brisbane City Council (BCC) would consider a plan to begin construction on a ferry stop at New Farm’s Howard Smith Wharves.

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said the project would give residents and visitors a viable alternative to access the riverfront area, which many currently travelled to by car.

“When a congestion tax for Brisbane has been dominating the headlines in recent days, it’s encouraging to see BCC are discussing more transport options on our waterways,” Dr Michael said. 

“Currently the closest ferry terminal to the wharves is Eagle Street Pier and catching the bus still requires a significant walk, so we see many people choosing to drive or use rideshare out of convenience.

“There are a range of options to help meet our future transport needs, and what better way than utilising the shining jewel in our River City. By getting people out of their cars and onto public transport like this, we’ll see less congestion on our streets.”

Dr Michael said improving public transport would have positive flow-on effects for the city’s tourism industry as much as the economy.

“Transport is an economic generator and by aligning more travel options with business and making it easier for people to get around, it will allow the city to grow even further.”