RACQ welcomes cyclone resilience funding promise

RACQ has welcomed the announcement by the Labor Party to commit $20 million to assist in cyclone-proofing Queensland homes.

Treasurer Curtis Pitt said his party had committed the funds to assist home owners in cyclone-proofing their properties – action which would lead to lower insurance premiums.

First announced in June as part of the State Budget, the Cyclone Resilience Program would see the Queensland Government pay contractors 75 percent of the costs to help cyclone-proof pre-1980 homes from Bundaberg to Cape York.

RACQ spokesperson Kirsty Clinton said it supported the policy as weather-proofing homes would reduce financial pressures on many Queensland families affected by wild weather.

“These prevention methods will save households thousands of dollars on expensive works and lead to reduced insurance premiums,” Ms Clinton said.

“The affordability of insurance has been a major community concern in north Queensland for many years and we’re pleased to see the Treasurer’s following our lead by rewarding those who take measures to safeguard their homes from cyclone damage.”

Ms Clinton said RACQ’s Household Cyclone Resilience Program delivered discounts of up to 20 percent on the cyclone premium component on its home and contents insurance for members who took measures to strengthen their homes against cyclones.

“In the long run, the money spent on prevention will be far less than the costs to repair the potential damage if these homes are hit by a severe cyclone,” she said.

“We hope all political parties will follow suit and commit to funding cyclone resilience work in Queensland.”