Intersection quiz stumps motorists

The State’s peak motoring body has set the record straight on changing lanes at intersections after a quiz sparked robust debate on social media.

RACQ posted the above diagram to its Facebook page which showed four cars at an intersection, with three of them travelling through a green light.

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The red car at the front was within the signalised intersection, a pink car was just about to enter the intersection and a blue car was following the other two. All three cars were indicating they wanted to change lanes from the left to the right.

The question asked: “Which vehicle, or vehicles, are performing an illegal manoeuvre?”

RACQ spokesperson Clare Hunter said the post attracted more than 500 comments, with many users sure both red and pink were in the wrong.

“The correct answer is pink, as the image shows a vehicle crossing a continuous line separating the lanes – that is actually illegal,’ Ms Hunter said.

“When it comes to the red car, while we don’t advise people change lanes at a traffic light-controlled intersection, it’s technically not illegal to do so.”

Queenslanders were encouraged to follow RACQ on Facebook to stay up-to-date with the road rules.