RACQ urges government not to make ridesharing too expensive

RACQ has urged the State Government not to impose unnecessary cost burdens on the ridesharing industry following the release of recommendations from a Parliamentary committee.

Club spokesperson Paul Turner said while some of the proposed amendments were positive, including installing security cameras in private cars and introducing annual fees for ride-share operators would make the transport option unviable.

“We want to make taxis and ridesharing flexible and safe, but also cheaper for commuters. Some of these extra costs will push ridesharing drivers out of the industry,” Mr Turner said.

“The purpose of a ride sharing industry was to create a low cost, flexible public transport option that works with the taxi industry.

“We also want our members to be able to have the option to use their cars to create a living, as well as provide a ride sharing industry in Brisbane with a low cost barrier.”

Mr Turner said RACQ welcomed moves to clamp down on drivers doing double shifts in taxis and ridesharing and registers for dangerous cars and drivers who have been dismissed.

“Drivers should not be able to do a shift in a cab, then a shift in an Uber because we have genuine safety issues around fatigue.”