RACQ Foundation funds keep community group going

The Toogoolawah Golf Club has been the lifeblood of the small southern Queensland community for more than 80 years.

But after years of drought, the club’s greens were in bad shape, and President Alan White wasn’t sure if it would survive and be able to support locals who used it as a meeting place during tough times.

“Our greens were burning up and we were in real danger of losing them,” Mr White said.

“It costs around $12,000 to regenerate a green and the most we could afford to do is maybe one a year.”

Mr White said although rain was scarce in Toogoolawah, underground water was available to the club, but only if it had a working water bore and pump.

Thankfully, an application for $12,842 in funds to the RACQ Foundation to purchase a new bore and solar powered pump was recently approved and the equipment arrived just in time for the club to get the greens back to playable levels.

Mr White said the donation would help keep the community organisation going.

“Having the Foundation’s help really bailed us out of a very bad time – it’s given us extra insurance to help with our future sustainability,” he said.

“We’ve got a few life members like my 83 year old neighbour who has been playing here for more than 30 years.

“But we’ve also got younger members actively recruiting people of their own age in town.  There’s a few who played when they were young, their kids are now a little older and they’re getting back into playing.

“If people can come here, see it’s a nice course and enjoy playing then that will keep them coming back.”

RACQ Foundation’s Darryn Hammond said last year the Foundation made changes to its funding model to recognise the devastating impact drought has on vast tracts of Queensland.

“Disaster recovery support has been a core focus for the Foundation since its inception in 2011,” Mr Hammond said.

“However, in May last year more than 70 percent of Queensland had been drought declared. The Foundation recognised there was a key role to play in supporting affected communities and we’re now encouraging groups from these communities to apply for funding.”

To learn more about the RACQ Foundation or how to apply for funding, click here.