RACQ supports parking pain relief

RACQ has backed the Greens’ plan to make parking free for patients and staff after it was reported the party would buy back privately-owned carpark facilities at public hospitals across Queensland.

The Courier Mail reported Greens Leader Michael Berkman would unveil the policy today, which would save Queenslanders $13 million a year to attend public hospitals.

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said the Club supported the move to reduce public hospital parking costs.

“For years we’ve been calling for more to be done to relieve the burden of parking fees on patients and their carers, as it often adds more unnecessary costs and stress at a difficult time,” Dr Michael said.

“Some parking facilities at government-owned hospitals offer concessions to those eligible, but they don’t go far enough.

“An hour and a half visit could cost between $13 and $17 for public hospitals around Brisbane. At RBWH, prices are capped at $39 for eight hours and $27 for eight hours at the Queensland Children’s Hospital so these are not insignificant amounts of money.

“We know that it’s also a cost that’s hard to avoid, as on-street parking and other parking options are incredibly limited around metropolitan hospital areas.”

Dr Michael also called on all parties, hospitals and commercial parking providers to ensure there were enough parks available for those who really needed them.

“We often hear carparks at hospitals are regularly at capacity which is incredibly frustrating when you need to access health care,” she said.

“Ahead of the State Election we would urge all parties to consider parking relief for Queenslanders.”

You can view which parties support RACQ’s policies by visiting RACQ’s Election scorecard.