Drivers urged to use common sense around farm machinery

The Common Roads, Common Sense campaign by the National Farmers Federation asked all motorists to look out, slow down, and take care on country roads.

RACQ Head of Technical and Safety Policy Steve Spalding said some drivers were confused about how to navigate around large agricultural vehicles, like tractors, on the road, but it was important to stay calm and remember the road rules.

“We all have a responsibility to share our roads, so if you see a slow vehicle in front of you, slow down for the safety of all road users,” Mr Spalding said.

“If a large vehicle is heading towards you, it’s important you take the foot off the accelerator and give them plenty of room.

“If you’re behind farm machinery, it might be inconvenient but remember to have a little patience and only overtake if it’s safe. Farmers will generally try to move out of the way in these vehicles and let you pass, when it is safe for them to do so.”