Give way quiz sparks debate

The State’s peak motoring body has set the record straight after a Facebook quiz on a common road rule left hundreds of people stumped.

RACQ posted the quiz to its Facebook page which showed two cars about to turn onto the road. A white car was pictured stopped at a stop sign, while a yellow car had exited a parking lot.

The community was asked which car needed to give way in this scenario.

One user commented “the white car has to give way to the yellow car. The stop sign is where the white car is.”

“The one at the stop sign gives way to all traffic,” another said.

“Give way to everything when leaving private property,” said another user.

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RACQ spokesperson Clare Hunter said the post attracted much discussion with more than 750 comments shared.

“The correct answer is actually that the yellow car should give way,” Ms Hunter said.

“This is because it’s entering the road from a ‘road related area’ such as the car park so must give way.”

Queenslanders were encouraged to visit RACQ’s Facebook page to participate in the weekly quiz and stay up to date with the road rules.