ASK RACQ: Should you repair or replace car parts?

At RACQ we provide plenty of technical and motoring advice to our members. A question we are often asked is which car parts can safely be repaired, and which should be replaced.

Here are four common car components and our advice on how drivers should deal with potential problems:

  1. Tyres


A punctured tyre can often be repaired, but our advice is to take it to a reputable tyre dealer as there are specific guidelines which should be adhered to when mending the tyre to ensure it is safe to be re-used.

  1. Engine


This is an example of when drivers need to do their research, particularly if the engine has had a major overheat. In the past it was standard practice to overhaul an engine but these days some manufacturers are providing brand new engines at a competitive price. We’d urge motorists to consult a trusted repairer who can provide an unbiased opinion on your individual situation.

  1. Battery


Batteries wear out, which means when they die, they have to be replaced. However, there are many causes for a flat battery, so have it tested to determine whether it needs to be replaced. Contact RACQ Batteries to arrange a battery test and, if necessary, a replacement.

  1. Seatbelts


This is a no-brainer. If seatbelts are damaged, faulty or are fraying, they must be replaced. They are crucial in keeping the driver and vehicle passengers safe.