More than 690 reasons to never leave kids in cars

RACQ has warned parents against making the mistake of giving their kids the keys or leaving them unattended in a vehicle as the Spring holidays were set to begin.

Club spokesperson Lucinda Ross said Roadside Assistance Patrols had already attended more than 690 incidents of kids locked in cars.

“Our data shows we attend on average three calls to help kids locked in cars each day, but August exceeded this average as the worst month of this year, with 103 urgent calls for help,” Ms Ross said.

“If you accidentally lock your child in a car or spot a child locked in a vehicle, call 13 1905 immediately and we’ll send two of the nearest Patrols to gain access to the vehicle.

“It’s important if you believe the wellbeing of the person inside the vehicle is at risk that you call Triple 0 too.”

Ms Ross said it was dangerous to leave a child in a vehicle at any time of year, but families needed to be even more cautious as the weather warms up.

“It can take just seven minutes for the inside of a car to reach unbearable temperatures, which can cause serious injury or death to anyone trapped inside,” she said.

“Unfortunately, many of the calls we attend are when a young child has been given the keys to play with and has locked themselves inside the vehicle.

“Never give your child keys to play with or to hold as all it takes is a few seconds and they can be stuck inside. It’s simply not worth the risk.”