Commit to safe driving this National Road Safety Week: RACQ

RACQ has pleaded with drivers to take care on Queensland roads after the State’s road toll skyrocketed to 233 lives lost, which was well above those killed in 2019.

Club spokesperson Lauren Ritchie asked drivers to use National Road Safety Week as a wake-up call to recommit to safe driving.

“Those are 233 people who won’t be coming home to their families and who won’t be able to catch up with friends or colleagues and its absolutely tragic,” Ms Ritchie said. 

“It’s only November, but we’ve long surpassed the 217 people who were killed on our roads in all of 2019. 

“This National Road Safety Week we want all motorists to pause and remember those lost while driving in Queensland and take the pledge to drive so others survive.”

Ms Ritchie observing the Fatal Five would keep our roads safer for all.

“Disobeying simple road rules like speeding, distraction, driving drunk or on drugs dramatically increases your risk of a crash,” she said. 

“We’d also encourage you not to drive tired and to double check everyone in your car is wearing their seatbelts.

“Let’s all work harder to make sure we don’t lose anyone else this year in a preventable crash.”