Drivers schooled by RACQ road rule quiz

Drivers have been given a road rules refresher after a difficult intersection quiz posted by RACQ sparked lively debate with plenty getting the answer wrong.

An image showing three cars moving through an intersection was posted to the Club’s Facebook page with the question: “The traffic lights have just turned green and there are no turning arrow signals. True or False - the yellow car must stay behind the stop line until the blue and red cars have passed through the intersection?”

The quiz received hundreds of comments, with many divided about how the cars clear the intersection.  

Stu F wrote: “I was taught to move over the line and then turn when the cars have passed, even if the light turns red before you actually turn (as long as it's safe to do so, of course). Kinda curious about this now.”

Thelma J answered: “True. I would wait until it was clear before going across.”

Peter F offered: “If you don’t move out into the intersection you’ll be waiting ‘til the cows come home to turn!”

Steph I said: “The yellow car has to wait for the red and blue car to pass before turning.”

RACQ spokesperson Clare Hunter revealed those who answered ‘false’ were correct.

“The yellow car can enter the intersection when the light turns green and complete the turn once there’s a safe gap in the traffic,” Ms Hunter said. 

“If the light changes to yellow or red after the yellow vehicle passes the stop line, the driver must leave the intersection as soon as it is safe to do so.”

Ms Hunter said it was a good reminder for drivers to regularly brush up their road rules knowledge.

“Many of our members who got this wrong, commented that it had been some time since their driving test and noted things had changed since they got their licence,” she said. 

“It’s exactly why we encourage everyone to join our Facebook page to help keep their knowledge up to date.”