North Queensland cleaning up after TC Owen

As residents of Halifax in far north Queensland began cleaning up after ex-Tropical Cyclone Owen, RACQ urged those impacted to lodge their insurance claims.

The tropical low, which wreaked havoc on the region on Saturday, brought strong winds and heavy rain before it continued to move south down the Whitsunday Coast.

RACQ spokesperson Clare Hunter encouraged impacted residents to lodge their insurance claims as soon as it was safe to do so.

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“We can’t help you until we know you need help, so please call us and lodge your claim as soon as possible,” Ms Hunter said.

“You can lodge your claim by phoning us on 13 7202, or if you’d like us to call you back at a later time, simply notify us online and we’ll get back to you when it suits you best.”

Ms Hunter said once residents lodged a claim, they could begin the clean-up process.

“Don’t wait to remove any obvious health and safety hazards from around your home,” she said.

“Things like broken glass or damp carpets and curtains that can easily attract mould should be disposed of straight away.

“If you can, take photos of anything you’re throwing out, as this can assist with the claims process.”

Ms Hunter said residents who needed to make small emergency repairs should keep receipts.

“If you need to quickly patch up a broken window and need to buy a tarp for example, keeping a record of your purchase will make it easy to reimburse you,” she said.

“Never start major repairs on your own or authorise them without prior agreement from your insurer.”